Sea is passion and any work involving it is done passionately. At Hidrodinamik Shipyard, we have been building, repairing and converting ships for you for three generations. We use our years-long experience to ensure that your ships docking in our shipyard or are in need of help on the high seas navigate safely. We work 24 hours for 365 days to do what we love and know best.


Advantageous Location

High-Quality Service

It is advantageous both for us and for our customers to be based at the shipyards region located in Tuzla Aydınlı Bay, Istanbul, the most advantageous shipyard base which hosts suppliers and shipyards. Thus, we have easy access to spare parts and a shorter delivery time. We provide our customers with top quality service thanks to the advanced infrastructure surrounding our facility having an area of 25,000 square meters.

Experience Facilitating

Your Work

With our long experience and team of experts, we are the ideal solution partner for any customer that wants to enjoy advanced technology and create permanent value. We not only deliver quick and quality solutions for ships but also facilitate your work with our qualified team of employees from different areas of expertise. We optimally fulfill the expectations of our customers in the fields of operation we focus on.

Accurate Planning

Timely Delivery

We work in a planned fashion to ensure that ships safely and immediately resume navigation after docking in our shipyard or receiving support service from us on the high seas. We deliver your ship on time thanks to accurate work planning and a healthy communication with the customers. We progress with the aim to become the shipyard which produces by far the highest volume of ship maintenance work in the region. We are aware of our power.


We provide maintenance and repair service for a wide variety of ships ranging from dry cargo vessels, tankers, ro-ro ships, livestock carriers, LPG/LNG ships to dredgers and offshore vessels with our certified welders and experienced maintenance & repair and conversion team. We deliver retrofit, refit and outfitting services and projects requiring engineering skills.


• Experience of decades

• Maintenance, refit and conversion of all types of vessels

• Competitive price, high quality work

• Accurate planning and extensive project management

• Quick and safe service 24/7

• Expert team and timely delivery


Using the Turkish maritime heritage we inherited, we have been building, repairing and converting ships at our shipyard located in Tuzla Aydınlı Bay for three generations. Our strong service network enables us to provide services wherever you are. We provide rental services so that the repair floating equipment we use in the shipyard can be used in other projects as well.

Repair & Maintenance

We have delivered 20 million DWT ship repair and maintenance since our establishment. We have finalized the conversion of 60 projects, 38 new building and completed the repair and maintenance of 3182 vessels until today.



We have the required, well-established knowledge and experience in increasing the heights, lengths and capacities of different kinds of ships or in their conversion.  We have completed the conversion projects of about 60 vessels so far.



Since 1975, we have been proudly building ships which navigate safely on the high seas. We design ships and their equipment at our shipyard before actually building them with a perfect craftsmanship.



We have a total area of 25.000m² (5.000m² indoor and 20.000m² outdoor), with 1 floating dock, 3 slipways and a pier. We provides services to vessels up to 9.000 DWT on docking and up to 30.000 DWT afloat repair. More…


At Hidrodinamik Shipyard, we received certification for our environmental awareness and the importance we attach to quality, customer satisfaction, and occupational health and safety. We received ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 quality certificates from the Lloyd’s Register in 2014. More…

About Us

We are one of the first private shipyards starting operations in Turkey. We offer shipbuilding, maintenance, repair and refit, conversion, support and rental services at the shipyards region in Tuzla Aydınlı Bay. We have delivered 20 million DWT ship repair and maintenance since our establishment. We offer services to 20 ships simultaneously and repair an average of 150 ships annually. More…




Repair & Maintenance






Hidrodinamik Gemi Sanayi  ve Ticaret A.Ş.
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