We do maintenance and repair of all machine room and deck equipment in our workshop. We do machine repairs, steel sheet pile repairs and revisions.


In situ Grinding Services

In-situ grinding of DG engine block
In-situ grinding of ME crankshaft
In-situ polishing of ME crankpin

Aux. Equipments Overhaul

OD box repair
Azimut thruster overhaul
Bow thruster overhaul
Cleaning of plate type of cooler
Repair of seperators

Main Engine Overhaul

MAK 6M 332 M / E overhaul
Wartisla 8L 20 M / E overhaul
MAK 8M25 M / E overhaul
MAN B & W 8L58 / 64 M / E overhaul
Caterpillar 9M43 M / E overhaul
MAN 9L21 / 31 M / E overhaul
Removal of ME crankshaft


Cargo pumps gear type
Deep well cargo pump overhauls
Ballast pumps overhaul
Fire pumps overhaul
EMG fire pumps overhaul

Deck Outfittings

Windlass repairs
Boring of the anchor windlass block
Fabrication of HC wheels
HC hydraulic piston overhauls
Anchor windlass overhaul

Reconditioning Works

Reconditioning of the ME bearings
Grinding of ME valve seats
Machining of cylinder head surface
Reconditioning of connecting rods
Honing of the liners
ME connecting rods overhaul
Grinding of injectors
Grinding of the valves
Built up welding and machining of gears of cargo pump
Machining and building up welding of windlass shaft
Reconditioning of windlass shaft


Milling Machine

Panel size 1420 mm x 260 mm
Momentum X920 mm-Y415 mm-Z460 mm
Mil Motor Speed 3750 dev / dak

Hydraulic Hose Fitting Machine

Press crimping force 120 ton
Size 130 x 115 x 50 cm
Motor power 4 kw – 5.5 hp

Hydraulic Press

Pressing capacity 80 – 150 ton
Panel size 550×750 mm’den 900×1800 mm’ye kadar

Chemical Washing Machine

Tank capacity 300 litre
Dia 1350 mm
Loading height 70 mm
Loading weight 650 kg

Hydraulic Unit

Pressures up to 4,500 bar
Testing hydraulic safety, relief valves
Dismantling steering gear, engine coupling and other hydraulic dismantling methods

Valve Grinding Machine

Stem dia 6 – 32.5 mm
Max. face dia 200 mm
Seat angle 19 – 47 degrees

Honning Machine

Honning capacity 150 – 640 mm
W x D x H 1180 x 1350 x 1720m

Handy Type Induction Heating Machine

Power 3 Kw
Voltage 220 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz

Drilling Machine

Panel size 316 x 400mm (yatay)
Panel size 200 x 510mm (dikey)
Drilling capacity 32 mm

Lathing Machine

Lathing Machine 3M 500 DIA

Universal SAW

Round cutting capacity 550 mm
Square cutting capacity 550 mm
Lama cutting capacity 750 x 550 mm
Band measurement 6800 x 41 x 1.3 mm
L x W x H 3200 x 1550 x 2100 mm

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Capacity 2000 litre
Elevator 1 Ton
Lifting capacity L x B x D 1650 x 910 x 1100 mm
Ultrasonic capacity 20.400 w

Air Compressor

Pressures up to 600 bar
Inlet 15 bar
Compression rate 1:30
Testing air safety, relief valves

Valve Seat Refacing Machine

Seat dia 35 – 140 mm
Seat angle range 0 – 50 degrees

Boring and Surface Grinding Machine

Boring capacity 40 mm’den 420 mm’ye
H x L x W 2500 x 2250 x 1500 mm
Ağırlık 3.000 kg

Mobile Induction Machine

Power 60 Kw
Voltage 220 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz




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