We provide maintenance and repair service for a wide variety of ships ranging from dry cargo vessels, tankers, ro-ro ships, livestock carriers, LPG/LNG ships to dredgers and offshore vessels with our experienced repair team.

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General Services

We provide all kinds of maintenance and repair services to the ships up to 9,000 DWT, including docking and underwater repairs.

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Docking Works

We do the docking and surface repairs of ships up to 7.500 DWT in our floating dock.

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Surface Preparation & Tank Cleaning

We clean the ship according to the existing circumstances of the surface and paint condition with high pressure water jet or grid blasting.

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Shaft And Propeller Work

We do the propoltion and manuever systems of all types and sizes of ships, the maintenance and replacement of shafts and propellers as well as mechanic- electric works.

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Piping And Valve Works

We provide your needs of pipe manufacturing and repairs of every scale and quality.

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Steel Works

We do the maintenance and repair of your stainless steel and standart steels.

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Mechanical Works

We do maintenance and repair of all machine room and equipments.

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Deck Works

We do maintenance and repair of all deck and equipments.

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Electrical Works

We do all electric equipment’s maintenance and repair, alarm monitoring systems and navigation equipments maintenance and repairs of ships and all sorts of wirings and cables on ships with great precision.

Warranty Support

It is highly important for us that our customers know we are ready to help in times of need and that they navigate peacefully. We establish a relationship based on trust and provide a comprehensive warranty support. We keep continuous contact with our customers during the warranty period. In case of any problems, we provide help to deliver quick solutions.

Within the framework of our warranty procedures, an exclusive warranty engineer is assigned to each customer at delivery. After a problem is communicated, your exclusive service manager gets in touch with you. We analyze your ship using the data in our warranty database and resolve the problem. If needed, we refer our Support Services team to your ship. We will be there whenever you need us.

We have completed maintenance and refit work for more than 3,000.


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Hidrodinamik Gemi Sanayi  ve Ticaret A.Ş.
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