• By Hidrodinamik Shipyard/8 April 2019
    In our shipyard, which specialized in maintenance and repair of all kinds of vessels, we have delivered 17 vessels in the first quarter of 2019.
  • By Hidrodinamik Shipyard/15 November 2018
    The restoration of the 107-year-old Kartal Steamboat, which Atatürk was given on its deck the first sign of the Turkish War of Independence by the words “As they have come, so they will go”, is completed. From now on the ship will be used as a museum.
  • By Hidrodinamik Shipyard/3 November 2018
    We delivered the Jack-up Platform to be used in France’s Calais Harbor Project Manufacturing of the Jack-up Platform which will be used in the expansion of France’s Calais Port was built in our facility. This Jack-up Platform is important milestone for our national shipbuilding industry. This jack-up platform project which has the largest lifting capacity…
  • By Hidrodinamik Shipyard/28 October 2018
    The Shadow barge, which belongs to our shipyard, is being used in the construction of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge.
  • By Hidrodinamik Shipyard/27 October 2018
    M/V KURTULUŞ, our new building number 30, came to our shipyard for her 5 yearly survey.
  • By Hidrodinamik Shipyard/6 October 2018
    Hidrodinamik Shipyard, Turkey’s long- established private shipyard, pioneered in completing the construction of the largest lifting capacity jack-up platform to be built in Turkey.
  • By Hidrodinamik Shipyard/4 September 2018
    We are operating in a total area of 25.000m² with 1 floating dock, 3 slipways and a pier of 200m, provide services to vessels up to 9.000 DWT on docking and up to 30.000 DWT afloat repair.
  • By Hidrodinamik Shipyard/5 June 2018
    We renewed our corporate website which using the Turkish maritime heritage inherited, building, repairing and converting ships at our shipyard located in Tuzla Aydın Bay for three generations.
  • By Hidrodinamik Shipyard/25 May 2018
    Hidrodinamik Tersanesi General Manager Cengiz Kasap: “A Small Detail Saves A Life ” One of the oldest shipyards of Turkey, Hidrodinamik Shipyard organized a series of events as a part of Occupational Health and safety Week with ‘A Detail Makes Difference, A Difference Saves a Life.’ slogan. Cengiz Kasap, General Manager of Hidrodinamik Shipyard where…
  • By Hidrodinamik Shipyard/26 March 2018
    One of the oldest shipyards of Turkey, at Hidrodinamik Shipyard, this time the children built ships from cardboard for their fathers. At the event that was organized at Hidrodinamik Shipyard the children who built colorful cardboard ships, gave them as a gift to their fathers and they launched the cardboard ships with their fathers. The…