We are one of the first private shipyards starting operations in Turkey. At our facility located in Tuzla Aydınlı Bay which hosts shipyards and suppliers, we maintain, repair and convert all types of ships. As a service-oriented shipyard, we are everywhere you are, whether on the land or on the sea. We work 24/7. Wherever you are, we are there to help you in times of need.  Because, our job is to facilitate yours and be sure that your ship returns back to blue waters as soon as possible.

Our Mission

Dealing with the new construction, maintenance and repair of vessels, incorporated with fast, high quality service and experience, Hidrodinamik is solution oriented shipyard based on the policy of meeting the expectation of clients by the means of commercial ethics as well as being decisive in the health and environment.

Our Vision

The aim of Hidrodinamik is to be a leading and well known shipyard in international stage concerned with the line of new construction, maintenance and repair of vessels by the means of integrating institutional form and serving for value added projects as well as considering the importance of gratifying all commercial partners and having the best benefit from technology.


  • To improve all qualifications of employees
  • To improve profitiably and productivity
  • To provide satisfaction of internal and external customer
  • To use natural resources and raw material effective and productive
  • To persue technological developments
  • To perform all requirements of quality, environment and safety standards and persue improvevement in all processes
  • To work compatible with national and international regulations
  • To prevent environmental pollution
  • To protect environment during the all manufacturing and services process
  • To prevent industrial accidents and occupational diseases

Management Team

Asuman Özer

Executive Chairman

Necati Emre Ordu

Executive Board Member

Cengiz Kasap

Managing Director

Ahmet Kurap


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Serkan Gürkan

Business Development
0 532 425 46 87

Ömer Bütün


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Cüneyt Eren


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Edip Dağarslan


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Hüseyin Toprak


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Çağdaş Özçam

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Gökhan Aydın


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Abdullah Alp


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Fethi Erdaş


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Ata Koç


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Repair & Maintenance





Our Founder

Necati Özer

Our esteemed founder, Necati Özer, a Shipbuilding Engineer (MSc), was born in 1926 in Eskişehir. He is one of the first graduates of Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Mechanics, Department of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. After graduation, he went to Japan for internship. He worked at shipyards in Japan and Germany and then returned to his country. He worked as a Shipbuilding Engineer at state shipyards in Istanbul. In 1975, he founded his own shipyard in Rumeli Kavağı and started to build ships.

Being a pioneer for the sector, he designed and built Turkey’s first railway dry-dock in 1986. In addition to shipbuilding, he started to provide services regarding maintenance and repair as well as dry-docking.

Necati Özer is one of the founders of the Turkish Shipbuilders’ Association (GİSBİR) and the Turkish Shipbuilders’ Cooperative (GİSKOP).

Our Story

We have been doing what they know best along three generations. Our shipyard was founded in 1975 by Necati Özer, a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, in Rumeli Kavağı at Bosphorus. After operating in the activity of shipbuilding only in the early years, shipyard has been moved to the shipyards region in Tuzla Aydınlı Bay in 1980’s, and started to provide services of new building, repair, maintenance and conversion.

Being a pioneer for the sector, Necati Özer designed and built Turkey’s first railway dry-dock type slipway with 1,200 tons of lifting capacity in 1986. In 1992, the second railway dry-dock type slipway with 2.000 tons of lifting capacity was started into service. In 1994 second generation took over the management and Asuman Özer started to work as General Manager and became the Chairwoman of the Board in 1998 after being succeeded by Cengiz Kasap.
In 1999 the third new building and railway dry-dock type slipway with 3,000 tons of lifting capacity and in 2008 floating dock with 2,800 tons of lifting capacity was started to operation .

Asuman Özer is still performing her duty as the Chairwoman of the Board, the third generation is assigned. Member of Board, grandson of Necati Özer, Necati Emre Ordu, is now managing the company’s institutionalization process.

Establishment (1975)

Our shipyard was founded by Necati Özer, a Shipbuilding Engineer (MSc), in 1975 in Rumeli Kavağı over Istanbul Strait.


(1980) Tuzla

We used to operate as a shipyard dealing only with building ships in the early years. In 1980, we moved to the shipyards region in Tuzla Aydınlı Bay and started to provide services regarding ship maintenance and repair.


First Railway Dry-Dock (1986)

Being a pioneer for the sector, we designed and built Turkey’s first railway dry-dock with 1,200 tons of pulling capacity in 1986. Necati Özer’s brother İlhan Özer, a graduate of Istanbul Technical University, Department of Civil Engineering, started to work in the company and supported the building of the dry-dock.


(1992) Second Repair Dry-Dock

In 1992, we commissioned the second repair dry-dock with 2,000 tons of pulling capacity.


Second Generation in Charge (1994)

Asuman Özer graduated from Boğaziçi University, Department of Business Management in 1981. She worked at different maritime companies until 1984. Between 1984 and 1994, she worked at RAM Foreign Trade, an export company, within Koç Group of Companies. In the same year, she started to work as General Manager at Hidrodinamik Shipyard and became the Chairwoman of the Board of Hidrodinamik Shipyard in 1998. She still performs her duty as the Chairwoman of the Board.

(1998) Cengiz Kasap - General Manager


He graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department of Shipbuilding and started to work at Hidrodinamik Shipyard. He worked in different departments within the company, then became the general manager in 1998 and still acts as the general manager.

Third Repair Dry-Dock (1999)

Our third new building and repair dry-dock with the largest pulling capacity of 3,000 tons was commissioned in 1999.


(2008) Floating Dock

In our floating dock that we started operating in 2008 which is 130 meters in lenght, 16 meters in width ; we do  docking repairs of ships up to 7.500 DWT


Third Generation (2014)

Necati Emre Ordu, who graduated from Koç University, Department of Business Administration in 2014 and took his masters degree in Finance from Koç University in 2017, joined our team. He is in charge of rendering the Hidrodinamik Shipyard more corporate.


(2014) Quality Certificates

At Hidrodinamik Shipyard, we received certification for our environmental awareness and the importance we attach to quality, customer satisfaction, and occupational health and safety. We received ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 quality certificates from the Lloyd’s Register in 2014.


Hidrodinamik Gemi Sanayi  ve Ticaret A.Ş.
Tersaneler Cad. No 40 Tuzla, Istanbul TURKIYE

P:  (0216) 395 23 19
F:  (0216) 395 48 88

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