Technical Specifications

  • 2018
  • 36 m
  • 17,5
  • 3 m
  • 450 ton
  • ~ 500 ton
  • 8 ton/m2


The platform with 36 metres length, 17.5 metres width and 3 metres height, has a gross of 450 tons, steel weight of about 500 tons. On the platform with a deck load of 8 tons/m2, 250 tons crawler crane will operate and the area where the crane will work is reinforced for a deck load of 60 tons/m2. The platform is designed to operate at 2 metres wave height and 15 m/sec wind speed. The platform has capacity of 26 metres operating depth, was built under the supervision of RINA, a member of IACS. There are 2 units 96 kW and 1 unit 26 kW generator on the platform. As the deck equipment, there are 4 units of 12-ton capacity mooring winches, 4 units of 12-ton capacity mooring bollards and 1 towing bollard.

Other Projects

Repair and Maintenance
Ship Building
Rental Service
General Cargo
Passenger Ship
Jack up

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